Sunday, March 21, 2010

Chocolate Man of the week

So this post is very special and one that is very dear to my heart. As you all know, this blog is about chocolate and today's post is no different. I decided to do a chocolate man of the week post. When I say chocolate, I dont mean in the literal sense, but figuratively speaking.

In order to be considered for the chocolate man of the week, you must be sweet, humble, hard working individual who has contributed to improving the quality of life for those around him. It's about improving the world. Also, a minor detail, you must extremely good looking; but like I said thats just a minor detail.

For this first selection it was not hard at all, because this particular man will always be the chocolate man of my dreams. He is very attractive, hard working, and has contributed to the lives of those around him. Who am I talking about? Its none other than Anderson Cooper, also known as the love of my life. When we will get together, I don't know. But I do know why he's the chocolate man of the week, and I believe that most of you will agree.

Born in 1967 (sexy @42), Anderson Cooper was born into royalty yet his modesty would make one assume otherwise. He graduated from Yale University, where he studied Political Science and International Relations.

On July 22, 1988, Cooper's older brother committed suicide, which sparked his interest in journalism : "Loss is a theme that I think a lot about, and it’s something in my work that I dwell on. I think when you experience any kind of loss, especially the kind I did, you have questions about survival: Why do some people thrive in situations that others can’t tolerate? Would I be able to survive and get on in the world on my own?"

Cooper has covered a lot of significant events through his short career, from the tsunami to the death of Pope John Paul 11. His report on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina was what ushered him into super-stardom because of his impassioned coverage.

For me Cooper is the chocolate man of the week for his heroism when he rescued a young Haitian boy who was severely injured during a violent looting attack.

Check out the image to view the actual footage.

Chocolate Cooper


  1. Bravo! Anderson Cooper is quite handsome, I agree. I like how you took a creative approach to this post, and made it about men. Haha! Good job. I enjoyed it, and definately enjoyed the Cooper pics. I did not know about his past, and was glad that you included some background info on him. Makes him even more interesting.


  2. Did you see Mr. Cooper on Jeopardy the other night? It was quite a surprise when he lost to Cheech Marin, but at least he looked good doing it!