Sunday, February 21, 2010

They Tried to Make me go to Rehab, I Said No No No!

Bonafide Addict
There might be some who think it is impossible for people to actually be addicted to chocolate. Being a self-described chocoholic myself, I completely disagree with them. However is there such a thing? Therefore I wanted to put this dispute to rest and see what the experts have to say about chocolate addiction.

Chocolate is the most frequently craved food in women. There is an instant satisfaction, and there can be withdrawal symptoms when they are deprived.

The reason is because chocolate contains an ingredient called serotonin which is released and makes us happy. A study was conducted by Dr. John Hoebel and he found that when rats that were fed in sugar became anxious when the sugar was removed. They had similar symptoms seen in people withdrawing from drug addiction. He believes that high-fat foods stimulate opioids or "pleasure chemicals" in the brain

Another study also found that self-proclaimed chocolate addicts salivated more in the presence of chocolate and became moody and had high levels of anxiety. Chocolate addicts show similar traits to other addicts, because they crave chocolate, their behaviour changes, and they have abnormal moods when they are deprived of chocolate.

So there you have it! this thing is real. I didn't make it up. I knew there had to be a reason for my mood swings and attitude when chocolate went away :(.

like every addiction, it has to be fixed because too much of everything is not good. How am I going to this?


  1. If you think about it logically, people can be sex addicts. chocolate is known to be a substitute for sex. THEREFORE, it is possible to be addicted to chocolate. problem solved:)

  2. hahahahaa Miss Stace Dash you are hilarious. which is your favourite kind of chocolate? Mine is anything with caramel :)

  3. I definitely understand your addiction and do think some things can help with this addiction. As you know Doreen I am in a relationship with candy!! I don't know where this love came from but its been about a year or two and I just can't get enough. I know you didn't believe be last year but I gave it up for lent and it was the greatest thing I did. But that didn't work out too well. I suggest giving chocolate up for lent it maybe help ease the addiction. At least for the time being.

  4. I have been craving i mean feening for chocolate for 4 days, hasnt gone away. Is that obsession? I finally gave in on day 4 with a snickers, sh*t. now im good.
    so is it a craving satisfaction
    or do you constantly want some chocolate?

  5. I think that it is all the bad stuff in chocolate that make it so good and addictive. The serotonin in chocolate makes us feel happier and who doesn't like feeling happy!
    I know that when I get bored I have a tendency to crave chocolate or something sweet, and once I have a little bit then I just can't stop.